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New blog update!

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I’ll be documenting my experience with a project called 101 Things to do in 1001 Days.

Doing one yourself?  I want to hear about it!

New Project – Wild for Awhile

If you happen to follow along with my sporadic posts, then you hopefully saw my last post about the 101 things I plan to do in the next 1001 days.

A funny thing started happening once I made this list.  Opportunities started popping up everywhere!  Law of attraction, maybe?  It’s been so crazy that I want to tell everyone about my list and make them write their own.  I get a zing of excitement every time I cross something off.  Those check marks are the prettiest little things.

This journey is has already become more than just another to-do list. It’s morphed into a way to find myself again.  For me, motherhood has been great, and so damn hard. Most days I’m amazed and in love with these little humans that I created, but I’ve also noticed that since becoming a mother, I’ve lost a little bit of who I was before.  I miss her. Now, I can feel myself slowly starting to come back together.

When I first had the idea to document my journey with this, I kept trying to push the thought down.  Put myself out there?  Hell no.  That’s way too scary.  Unfortunately, the harder I tried to shove that nagging thought down, it kept rearing it’s ugly little head.  Finally, I gave in and I’ve decided to go for it.

I will be launching a new blog July 1st where you can follow along with me and my iPhone to see my adventures, give me tips to help me cross off some of the tricky ones, or just pop in to say hi!  If you’re doing this challenge as well, I would LOVE to hear how it’s going and what you’re goals are.

Be on the lookout for Wild for Awhile….coming soon!

101 in 1001

Have you heard of the 101 things to do in 1001 days?  I hadn’t until recently, after which I immediately starting writing my list.  The concept is simple and the title says it all.  Complete 101 goals in 1001 days.  I LOVE making lists.  Especially ones that relate to goals, things to do, challenges I want to complete…I’m really good at thinking about them, and writing them down but, not so good at actually completing them.

I’m horrible at keeping myself on track and staying focused.  Insert someone to monitor my progress and I’m suddenly checking off items left and right.  That’s where you, blog world, come in.  I post maybe once every 5 years, and even if no one ever read this, it’s out there.  Someone might check to see where I’m at and that’s enough to keep my train chugging along.  So, here it is!  My 101 things to do in 1001 days.

Start:  3-1-16

End:  11 – 27 – 18

  1.  Go skydiving – 3.14.16 (I shit you not, this is the craziest, most unbelievable thing I have and will ever do.  And, everyone should do it…at least once.)
  2. Hike Squaw Peak
  3. Hike Angel’s Landing in Zion
  4. Try 5 new restaurants
  5. Go rock-hounding
  6. Visit a new state
  7. Visit a new city
  8. Tour New Orleans
  9. Go to the ballet
  10. See the Grand Canyon
  11. Journal daily for 30 days
  12. Wake up at 6 am every morning for a week
  13. Stick to a nightly routine for 30 days
  14. Sell a piece of art
  15. See a movie solo
  16. Read 30 new books – 5/30
  17. Unplug totally for 24 hours
  18. Go to bed before 10 pm every night for a week
  19. Take a self defense class
  20. Attend Holi Colorfest   3.26.16
  21. Start a yoga practice
  22. Watch the sunrise somewhere special
  23. Grow a garden
  24. Meditate daily for a month
  25. Attend a festival
  26. Create my own sacred space
  27. Read tarot for someone
  28. Take family photos
  29. Family vacation to new national park
  30. Disneyland
  31. Mail package to Whitnee in Nicaragua
  32. Send flowers to Grandma Uleta
  33. Visit Grandma Sandy’s grave
  34. See an outdoor movie
  35. Take a girls trip
  36. Go to KU football game in Kansas
  37. Document A Day in the Life
  38. Pay off all debt
  39. Buy a Jeep  5.6.2016
  40. Go a full week without spending any money
  41. Purchase a house
  42. Have a credit score of 650 or higher
  43. Pay for the customer behind me
  44. Stick to a budget for 3 months
  45. Have a $5,000 emergency fund
  46. Enter a writing contest
  47. Attend a writing workshop
  48. Win NANOWRIMO again
  49. 30 day drawing challenge
  50. 30 day photo challenge
  51. Create and hang a vision board
  52. Get published somewhere – anywhere!
  53. Attend a book reading by the author
  54. Start my memoir
  55. Attend an art exhibit
  56. Walk 70,000 steps in a week
  57. Take a walk in nature daily for a week
  58. No soda for 30 days
  59. 30 day fitness challenge
  60. One month  with no sugar
  61. Drink 8 glasses of water daily for 30 days
  62. Stick to a meal plan for one month
  63. Achieve target weight
  64. Hair, makeup, outfit (with effort) daily for one week
  65. Learn how to Dutch braid  4.15.16
  66. Take a cooking class
  67. Date night once a week for a month
  68. Have a weekend getaway with no kids
  69. Create a will
  70. Write a love letter
  71. Recreate our first date
  72. Surprise someone with something great  5.17.16
  73. Try something new together
  74. Get drunk and make out like teenagers
  75. Write 20 letters
  76. Finish KonMari
  77. Donate blood
  78. Donate to a cause I believe in
  79. Host a party at my house  4.22.16
  80. Take a dance class
  81. Organize photos
  82. Shoot a gun
  83. Buy a lotto ticket
  84. Bake someone cookies 5.15.16
  85. See a drive-in movie
  86. Finish painting the house
  87. Meet someone that inspires me  3.10.16
  88. Start a dream journal
  89. Hike Stairway to Heaven
  90. Watch 10 new documentaries – 4/10
  91. Spend a weekend alone
  92. Solve a mystery
  93. Help someone in need
  94. Get a tattoo
  95. Play Blackjack in Vegas
  96. Go camping
  97. Ghost tour Salt Lake
  98. Color an entire coloring book
  99. Buy a new pair of glasses
  100. Write a letter to myself to open at the end of 1001 days 3.1.16
  101. Make a new 101 in 1001 list!

There it is folks!

Interested in making your own?  Check out



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I have literally – no, seriously – been staring at the computer screen for an hour, picking my fingernails, trying to find something, ANYTHING to say.  My voice is not lost, but the words are jumbled.  My voice may not be lost, but I feel lost.  I’ve been filling up my days, searching for the “thing” that’s missing.  Maybe if I take a writing class, or work more, finish my novel – I’ll close up that void.  Instead, I’m feeling overwhelmed and heavy with guilt.  THIS – my life – should be enough, I keep telling myself.  I have a great job, a beautiful family, a roof over my head…

Maybe I’m searching in the wrong places.  Change your attitude or count your blessings they say….  

So for now, I’m counting…and writing, because that is the only place I find comfort.  I trust words.  So, I write.  And write.  And write….until I’m found.


Miss me?

Miss me?

I’ve been MIA lately, but don’t worry. I’ll be back soon! In the meantime…Enjoy this lovey picture of a type writer circa 1988.

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Raise your hand if there is a word or two out there that makes you cringe every time you hear/read it.  I’m not talking about the poor soul who misused a word, but a serious distaste for certain words.

I have a small list of words I wish could be removed from the English language.  Moist, for example.  Or squishy.  I’m not alone when it comes to the “M” word.  There is even a Facebook page called “I HATE the word moist.”

Did you know there is an actual term to describe word hatred?

Logomisia (from the Greek for “word hatred”) refers to a strong dislike for a word or phrase based on its sound, meaning, usage, or associations.

Some other words that top the chart for most hated are:

1. Panties

2. Ointment – (another one of my least favorite words out there)

3. Vomit

4. Slacks

5. Goiter

Do any of these words bother you?  What words would you add to the list?

Creating Characters

“Stories have a power, a magic all their own. Consider the fact that the actions, thoughts and feelings of people who have no existence in reality can make you laugh, make you weep. That’s the art and that’s the magic.”
―Denise Rossetti

My favorite books are not those with crazy plots or dramatic scenes.  While those don’t hurt, I love them because I love the characters.  They were written so that it made me care about what happened to them.  A connection was made, and I was hooked.

To be able to connect with characters, a writer must be able to express their complex emotional side.  Boring characters will make even the best plot fail.  If you want to create a memorable to story, you have to create memorable characters.  No way around it.

Most of my ideas for a story begin with a character.  They are born in my imagination and slowly begin to grow.  I begin to question who they are, where they’re from, and what they need.  From that, a story forms and my words breathe life into them.

Sounds easier than it actually is.  For me, it’s a long process to get from character to story. Some people help build their character by creating a profile or conducting an interview with their fictional friend.  I’ve never been a huge fan of doing that.

I ask myself a few simple questions to get started and build from there.  

  • How old are they?
  • Where are they from?
  • What is their home life?
  • What personality type are they?


Once I figure out the answers to those questions, I move on to my favorite part.  Research.  Age, setting, family and different personality types all contribute to building a believable character that readers can connect to.  After I have the building blocks of my character laid out, I know how they will act and where to take their story.

I have a notebook FILLED with different character sketches, personality types, body language… You name it, I’ve researched it!  If you’d like a copy of any of them, let me know.  I’d be happy to send them to you or post them here!

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A Mother’s Heart

I was never able to fully understand the true depth of a mother’s love, until I had a child of my own.  A mother’s heart carries an unbreakable love for her children and takes on the weight of their heartache.  If it could be measured, we would find the strongest thing in the world tucked inside each mother’s chest.
Her children are not just the ones that are a part of her, but every child that is abandoned, afraid, or wounded becomes hers and her heart aches for them.  It breaks for every suffering mother and longs to comfort them.  I am sure the world would crumble if mother’s did not exist.

As a child, I wanted to grow up to be just like my mother.  She was beautiful, and smart and basically still a child herself, having me when she was only 20.  I clung to her side, only feeling safe as long as I was within inches of her.

During my teenage years, I stubbornly wanted to be anything but.  Like most teenagers and their mothers, I’m sure, we butted heads constantly.  In my eyes she was no longer smart and kind, but carefully plotted out various ways to ruin my very existence.  Hateful words were thrown at her with out a second thought and many years past before I looked at her as something other than my mortal enemy.  I look back on those years and can’t help but cringe, hoping she doesn’t do the same.

Thankfully, with age comes wisdom.  (10 years in a different state than her probably didn’t hurt either.)  Now, with a family of my own, I feel much more like that little girl and want to be just like the woman who never stopped loving me.  I’ve watched her run across marathon finish lines, pursue a nursing degree, selflessly care for her children throughout countless moves and trials, kneel down in prayer for support and guidance, and never stop supporting her family.  We still have many differences, but I am inspired by her strength and hope that I inherited an once of what she has.

One of my favorite quotes is by Renita Weems, and perfectly describes my feelings for my mom.
“I cannot forget my mother. She is my bridge. When I needed to get across, she steadied herself long enough for me to run across safely”.
Happy Mother’s day!
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Sticks and Stones

“Words—so innocent and powerless as they are, as standing in a dictionary, how potent for good and evil they become in the hands of one who knows how to combine them.” —Nathaniel Hawthornes 


I’ve been reflecting on the power of words lately.  I remember reciting the familiar phrase, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” as a child and feeling confident that I would be much worse off with broken bones than damaged feelings. 

I now know how wrong that silly taunt is.  Words can heal, hurt, unite, destroy, inspire, educate, offend, encourage, degrade…Their meanings change over time and from person to person.  

As a writer, I pay close attention to the words I choose to write and carefully edit them before I’m satisfied with my choice.  I admit, shamefully, that I am not always so careful with the words I speak on a daily basis.  I’m working on it.  

Are you?


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