Raise your hand if there is a word or two out there that makes you cringe every time you hear/read it.  I’m not talking about the poor soul who misused a word, but a serious distaste for certain words.

I have a small list of words I wish could be removed from the English language.  Moist, for example.  Or squishy.  I’m not alone when it comes to the “M” word.  There is even a Facebook page called “I HATE the word moist.”

Did you know there is an actual term to describe word hatred?

Logomisia (from the Greek for “word hatred”) refers to a strong dislike for a word or phrase based on its sound, meaning, usage, or associations.

Some other words that top the chart for most hated are:

1. Panties

2. Ointment – (another one of my least favorite words out there)

3. Vomit

4. Slacks

5. Goiter

Do any of these words bother you?  What words would you add to the list?


2 thoughts on “Logomisia

  1. goldoubloon says:

    Moist and juicy cause my visceral response, upturned nose and frown haha.

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