To Write…or Not to Write

The dishes need washed.

Laundry needs to be folded.

It’s too sunny to be indoors!

My computer sucks.

Just 15 more minutes on Pinterest…followed by 15 more. 

If only I had a decent office.

I’ll get to it tomorrow…

Lately, I have been using every excuse in the book to avoid writing.  I sit down at my computer with the best intentions and before I’ve even touched my manuscript I’ve come up with something that needs to done RIGHT NOW.  

My husband appreciates my new found love of tidying up the house, but I can feel myself loosing sight of my goals.  The initial rush I had from the excitement of writing my first book has worn off and now I’ve realized, “Oh, shit!  This is really hard.”  

Hard, but worth it.  

Anyone else in the same boat?  How do you rekindle your motivation? 


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5 thoughts on “To Write…or Not to Write

  1. Julia Weston says:

    I can tell you from experience that the excuses never go away (hello, floors that need mopping). For me, if I wait for motivation, it won’t come and I won’t write; I just have to sit down and do the work. That said, I can shake things up with free-writing in my journal, or watching/reading/doing something that inspires me. Good luck – and don’t give up!

  2. Rachel says:

    I do the exact same thing! I think we all do. It’s one of the many things that makes writing hard…non-writers don’t understand that.

  3. There is a permanant tab on my page called story sparklers that might help a little. I also wrote about excuses a few posts back titled Not Writing? Get a Better Excuse Here

  4. teekytwigg says:

    Brilliant. We’ve both written about the same thing! I hope your house is as clean as it can be and you have a happy writing day. X

  5. risinghawk says:

    Writing is easy – GOOD writing can prove to be a rascal 🙂 I am a published author, myself, and still don’t have an answer to motivation. I sit down and start writing – don’t care if it is total crap, or genius . . . you just write, Something has to go down. Then, it is the editing that often frames the story.

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