Writing resolutions

I stumbled across an article written by Kimberly Turner on LitReactor suggesting 13 resolutions to make you a more productive writer in 2013.  She suggests tackling your resolutions one month at a time instead of trying to do a massive overhaul all at once.  I chose a couple of her suggestions to focus on in January.

  • I will finish a chapter in my novel.

I’m basically starting my novel from scratch, using my very rough draft as more of an outline.  With some extra motivation and creative time management, my goal is to complete one chapter a week. 

  • I will improve my writing space.

I get distracted easily.  My couch or bed tends to be my usual writing space, which is fine every once in a while.  I know I’d get much more down if I took a more professional approach.  It’s too easy to flip on the TV and lose my train of thought.  Everything needs a home, my creativity included!

Have you thought of any writing resolutions for 2013?  Don’t be shy.  I’d love to hear your goals for the new year!

(You can read the full article at www.litreactor. com!)

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